Results from the Nov. 8 election


The area county/mid-term election was be held on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

In Monona County there was a race for County Supervisor in District 2 as Tom Brouillette, incumbent, ran against Sandy Bubke. In the unofficial results Brouillette received 664 to Bubkes 476 votes.

There are several elected officials in Monona County that are unopposed. They include Vincent Phillips Republican incumbent, District 3 (received 786 votes); Monona County Attorney Ian McConeghey, Republican incumbent (received 2,677 votes); Monona County Treasurer Abby Riesberg, Republican incumbent (received 2,867 votes, and Monona County Recorder Kelly Seward, Democrat incumbent (received 2,301 votes).

There is also a race in Crawford County for Supervisor as there are three seats up for election.

The unofficial results are as followed: Kyle Schultz-2,979; Craig Dozark-2,693; Dave Muhlbauer-2,351; and Mike Fink-2,318.

The other three positions up for election, the candidates are running unopposed. Those positions include County Treasurer Sheri Neddermeyer (received 3,899 votes); County Recorder Sara Meseck (received 3,879 votes) and County Attorney Colin Johnson (received 2,808 votes).

In Crawford County for the Hospital Trustee (two spots) the unofficial results are as followed: Jason Mendlik-2,154; Sidney Leise-1,430; Bruce Musgrave-1,186; Rich Knowles-1,178 and Lorena Lopez-1,108.