Minutes Of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Schleswig Community School District January 9, 2023 Call to Order: President Gurney called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Members …


Minutes Of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Schleswig Community School District January 9, 2023 Call to Order: President Gurney called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Members Present: Wade Gurney, Rachel Jacobson, Cindy March, Danette Miller, and Jason Schneider Absent: Administration: Mike Pardun, Superintendent, Scott Larson, Business Manager/Board Secretary, Andrea Gurney, Principal Others Present: Cyndi Larson Correspondence: None Consent Items - A motion was made by Rachel Jacobson, second by Jason Schneider, to approve the consent items (agenda, minutes, bills, and financial reports). Unanimous approval. Personnel Report a) Resignations- None b) Appointments- None SEA Report- Cyndi Larson reported that the SEA has sold 491 jingle bell grams, more to be sold at upcoming concert. Superintendent Report a) Schleswig CSD Mobile App Update – Mr. Pardun shared information on the district’s mobile app that is to be rolled out soon. b) School Security Update – Mr. Pardun shared that the district is waiting on reports that are being prepared in conjunction with safety walk throughs that took place in October as a part of the Governor’s school safety initiative. Funds will be available to put towards safety initiatives that are mentioned in the forthcoming report(s). c) Presentation on District Financial Health and Preliminary Budget for fy24 - Scott Larson shared information on the district’s current financial health which included enrollment data, revenue and expenditure history, financial solvency, unspent budget authority, and tax rates. d) Administrator Update - Andrea Gurney shared that second semester revised schedules are working well. SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) is a framework for planning and delivering instruction in content areas such as science, history, and mathematics to English language learners as well as other students. This training will take place in the near future and will be provided by the AEA staff. The makeup concert date is Thursday, January 12. Dad’s night is Thursday, January 26. The spring season for Esports will begin in March. President Gurney updated the board on the School Supply fundraiser (omelet breakfast) that will take place on Sunday, February 12. e) Next Regular Meeting-The next regular board meeting will be held on February 13, 2023, at 5:30 pm. Adjournment-There being no further business to come before the Board for consideration at this time, the meeting was adjourned at 6:52 pm. Wade Gurney, President Scott Larson, Board Secretary Approval of January 9, 2023, Minutes Schleswig Community School January 9, 2023 - Board Bills Vendor Name, Invoice Description Amount General Fund Arnold Motor Supply, Transportation Supplies $43.26 Bomgaars, Building & Grounds Supplies $22.99 Capital One, Supplies $144.08 Card Services, November 2022 $7,732.26 Cenex Fleet Fueling, Fuel$565 30 Central Iowa Distributing, Custodial Supplies $2,335.50 Charter Oak-Ute Schools, 1St Sem Oe 22-23$19,289 25 Counsel Office & Document, Copier Use $181.74 Crawford County Cinema 4, Classroom Supplies $861.00 Denison Bulletin And Review, November Publishing $99.00 Denison Do It Best Hardware, Building & Grounds Supplies$26.28 Grant Wood Aea, Powerschool Hosting 2022-2023$2.282.80 Home Depot Pro, Custodial Supplies$259.48 Immanuel Lutheran Preschool, November Preschool$5.331.86 Iowa Association Of School Boards, School Board Convention $1,225.00 Iowa Communications Network, Internet $354.48 Iowa Department Of Human Services, Medicaid State Share-November 2022 $230.49 Jaymar Business Forms, Business Office Supplies$112.45 Kck’s Food & Fuel, Ice$2.25 Kiron Lumber Store, Building & Grounds Supplies$174.46 Lakeshore Learning Materials, Classroom Supplies$269.00 Maple Valley Community School, 1St Sem Oe-Fy23 $19,463.78 Mapleton Press, Publishing$123.78 Mcclellan Electric Inc., Electrical Work$470.40 Mid American Energy Company, Electricity$2,027.32 Onesource, Background Checks$313.00 Pepsi-Cola, Concession Supplies$389.40 Perma Bound, Library Books $107.71 Plunketts Pest Control, Pest Control$183.90 R&S Waste Disposal, Waste Managment$436.59 Region Xii Council Of Governments, November 2022 Transportation$819.00 Renaissance Learning Inc., Ar/Star/All Product Renewal (130)$2,381.50 Schleswig, City Of, Water/Sewer/Landfill$333.00 Sexton Oil Co., Diesel Fuel$1,997.07 Timberline Billing Service Llc, Medicaid Billing Services$31.26 Truck Center, Transportation Parts$422.88 Windstream, Telephone$336.04 Totals$71,379.56 Nutrition Fund Dfa Dairy Brands, Llc, Milk$806.77 Martin Bros., Food-Meal Program$3,200.79 Schleswig Community Schools, Repay Gf For Nov Nutrition Services$6,212.22 Totals $10,219.78 Ppel Fund Great America Financial Services, Copier Lease$410.00 Totals$410.00 Save Fund Rick’s Computers, Inc., Esports Infrastructure$8,648.50 Totals$8,648.50 Debt Service Fund Umb Bank, Admin Fees$300.00 Totals $300.00 MP1-19-23


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