MAPLE VALLEY-ANTHON OTO COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Date: Monday, March 13, 2023 Time: 7:00 PM Place: Board Room, Mapleton, Iowa
Present: Wimmer, Streck, Kennedy, and Hamann Absent: Schram …


MAPLE VALLEY-ANTHON OTO COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD MEETING Date: Monday, March 13, 2023 Time: 7:00 PM Place: Board Room, Mapleton, Iowa
Present: Wimmer, Streck, Kennedy, and Hamann Absent: Schram Others: Seven guests AGENDA: I. Opening of Meeting President Wimmer called the meeting to order and declared a quorum at 7:01 PM II. Communications Mr. Dave Jensen asked the board if the county was ever contacted regarding bus routes; Lance Hamann addressed the board regarding having calculus taught in person next year instead of via Zoom. Mr. Thelander presented the proposed school calendar for 23-24 school year: 8/23/23 through 5/24/24 with graduation on 5/19/24. III. Consent Agenda Streck moved and Hamann seconded to approve the consent agenda. 4 ayes. Motion carried. General $196,968.77; Management $5,279.92; Infrastructure $22,445.88; Hot Lunch $22,771.54; Activity $19,634.26; Extra & Hourly Pay $104,139.01. IV. Action Items A. Employee Resignations/Contract Modifications/Hirings – Streck moved and Hamann seconded to approve the resignations from Julianna Goettsch, SE teacher, and Lexi Bratton, MS math teacher; and to approve the contract of Paige Landwher for Anthon K-8 PE teacher. 4 ayes. Motion carried. B. Budget Presentation – Set Budget Hearing in April – Klingensmith presented the proposed 23-24 budget. Hamann moved and Kennedy seconded to set the budget hearing for 4/10/23 in Anthon at 7PM C. 2023-2024 School Calendar – Hamann moved and Kennedy seconded to approve the 23-24 calendar. 4 ayes. Motion carried D. FY 2022 Annual Audit – Our audit report is not back from the auditor yet. Streck moved and Hamann seconded to table this until April. 4 ayes. Motion carried. E. 2023-2024 Staff Handbooks – Streck moved and Hamann seconded to table the staff handbook review until April. 4 ayes. Motion carried. F. Board Policy Series 400 – Streck moved and Kennedy seconded to table the 400 policy review until April. 4 ayes. Motion carried. G. Budget Guarantee for FY 2024 – Kennedy moved and Hamann seconded to approve the budget guarantee of $47,944 for the FY24 budget. 4 ayes. Motion carried. H. Fundraiser request for Trapshooting Club – Mrs. Holst presented a new fundraiser idea for the Trapshooting club. Streck moved and Kennedy seconded to approve that fundraiser. 4 ayes. Motion carried. V. Discussion Items A. Math Curriculum VI. Reports A. Principal Reports VII. Future Agenda Item Requests Non-Certified and Administrative Contracts Athletic and Student Handbook Changes Classified Handbook Changes Audit Report Review 400 policies FY24 Budget approval VIII. Announcements A. Next Meeting – Monday, April 10, 2023– 7:00 PM – in Anthon IX. Adjourn – President Wimmer adjourned the meeting at 8:22 PM The board continued to meet in an exempt session regarding: employee salaries/benefits/working conditions. MVAO Board President – Wimmer MVAO Board Secretary - Klingensmith Maple Valley - Anthon Oto Csd, Board Bills 3/13/23 Vendor Name, Vendor DescriptionCheck Total General Fund Adler, Deanna, Reimbursement35.00 Ahlers & Cooney Pc, Legal Publishing/Renew768.00 Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies2,925.11 Barnes, Caroline, Reimbursement35.00 Beeson, Rhonda, Reimbursement10.00 Bomgaars, Supplies1,381.10 Borja, Izabel, Reimbursement35.00 Boysen, Kim, Supplies239.00 Brenner’S, Supplies469.95 Britton, Laurie, Reimbursement10.00 C H N Garbage Service, Inc., Garbage426.50 Carolina Biological Supply Co, Supplies564.58 Casey’s Business Mastercard, Fuel868.30 Centurylink, Telephone438.90 City Of Anthon, Anthon City Hall, Utilities6,579.84 City Of Mapleton, Utilities30,421.04 Colbert’s Market, Supplies1,161.30 Cornhusker International Trucks, Supplies88.53 Culligan Of Ida Grove, Supplies10.70 Danbury Review, Publishing334.50 Demco, Supplies667.70 Department Of Education, Bus Inspection200.00 Dose, Dolores, Reimbursement35.00 Else, Crista, Reimbursement137.28 First Unum Life Insurance Company, Insurance484.12 Healthiest You, Insurance703.00 Home Depot Pro Institutional, The, Supplies2,898.91 Instrumentalist Awards Llc, Supplies279.00 Iowa Assoc School Boards, Supplies445.00 Iowa Communications Network, Internet29.07 Iowa High School Music Asso, Entry Fee/Membership190.00 Iowa High School Speech Asso, Entry Fee/Membership40.00 Ipers, Wage Adjustment394.79 Jaymar Business Forms, Supplies504.90 Johnson Propane Inc, Propane2,864.00 Jostens, Yearbook310.00 Kirchgatter, Mona, Reimbursement154.44 Klingensmith, Shona, Reimbursement9.85 Knudsen, Melissa, Reimbursement35.00 Lefebvre, Michaela, Reimbursement33.54 Macs Chevrolet Pontiac, Supplies345.71 Mapleton Press, Legal Publishing/Renew354.44 Matheson Tri Gas, Inc, Supplies88.40 Mcgrain, Erika, Reimbursement220.37 Menards, Supplies53.81 Moville Record, Publishing/Advertising44.00 Nassp, Nhs Affiliation385.00 New Coop-Ute, Diesel4,373.48 Northwest Area Education Agency, Supplies143.00 Oberreuter, Angela, Reimbursement92.82 Paper Corporation, The, Supplies3,477.46 Quill Corporation, Supplies419.54 Ryan Publishing Company, Advertising123.20 Sanitary Services, Garbage421.30 School Speciality Supply Inc, Supplies343.84 Staples Business Credit, Supplies239.98 Stoll, John, Reimbursement170.10 Thelander, Jeff, Reimbursement440.17 Uhl, Amber, Reimbursement16.38 United Healthcare, Insurance65,248.09 Ventris Learning, Supplies301.00 Verizon Business Services, Telephone134.86 Verizon Wireless, Telephone40.01 West Monona Comm School Distri, Girls’ Wrestling6,183.55 Western Iowa Tech Comm College, Tuition15,068.00 Westwood Community School, Tuition28,483.80 Whiting Community School, Tuition12,304.80 Winsupply Commercial Charge, Supplies233.71 Fund Total:196,968.77 Management Levy Fund Hoffman Agency, Insurance/Audit661.00 United Healthcare, Insurance4,618.92 Fund Total:5,279.92 Student Activity Fund Ace Fundraising, Supplies400.00 Anderson’s, Supplies489.88 Bomgaars, Supplies700.00 Clark, Kristi, Reimbursement207.28 Colbert’s Market, Supplies1,893.81 Dirksen, Katherine, Reimbursement185.95 Dose, Corey, Reimbursement77.02 Fisher, Austyn, Official120.00 Graphic Edge, The, Supplies767.52 Holiday Inn - Northwest, Travel220.42 Holst, Laura, Reimbursement104.00 Id Apparel Inc, Supplies390.50 Iowa Quiz Bowl League, Entry Fee110.00 Jostens, Yearbook1,439.30 Knudsen, Melissa, Reimbursement82.88 Muckey, Dennis, Supplies295.00 One With Golf, Llc, Supplies1,080.00 Pfi, Supplies3,499.50 Robertos Pizza, Supplies2,142.00 Schaffer, Steven, Reimbursement3,912.00 Scholl, Jordan, Reimbursement270.40 Southeastern Performance Apparel, Supplies450.80 Southwestern Community College, Entry Fee136.00 Team Fitz Graphics, Supplies280.00 Westwood Community School, Entry Fee260.00 Wood, Jason, Official120.00 Fund Total:19,634.26 School Nutrition Fund Kemps, Supplies2,554.14 Martin Bros, Supplies20,217.40 Fund Total:22,771.54 Infrastructure Sales Tax Fund Bonine Garage Doors, Repairs260.00 Day’s Door Company, Repairs685.90 Eps Lawnworks, Services380.00 Feld Fire, Supplies306.38 Gordon Flesch Company, Copiers2,340.55 Kneifl Electric, Services961.11 Lakeport Heating And Cooling, Services10,800.00 Mid American Research Chemical, Supplies326.44 Nch Dba Chemsearch, Supplies2,248.70 Rentokil North America, Inc. , Services181.93 Rick’s Computer, Computer Supplies2,525.00 Strachan Sales Inc. Dba Hobart, Repairs206.00 Thompson Solutions Group, Supplies698.39 Tk Elevator Corporation, Elevator Maintenance413.62 Uhl, Dennis, Services111.86 Fund Total:22,445.88 MP3-23-23


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